Robbie Stone - Bio

Team Captain Robbie Stone, is on a mission, a mission to ring a bell in Ketchikan. In 2018 the punishment of 35-knot winds in a seventeen-foot boat resulted in a bent mast and a broken bowsprit. Robbie has had an incomplete item on his to-do list ever since.  Robbie is an avid sailor, and master boat restorer. Robbie admits to a bit of an addiction when it comes to sailboats. He owns 5 sailboats and jokingly refers to them as his fleet. The boats range from 17’ to over 40’ While he lives in Ohio his job is in New Jersey.  Living a loan during the week allows him to sail in the summer and work on boats in the winter. He gets up every morning a dons a suit and tie then goes to what he calls his “day job”. When he gets home he spends most nights working on a boat until 11:00 pm.  When he isn’t working on a sailboat, he is sailing or racing them.  He has sailed to the Bahamas, and up and down the east coast. The area between New Jersey to South Carolina he considers his sailing grounds. He has sailed in both oceans and three of the great lakes.


In his free time, Robbie enjoys talking about sailboats, reading about sailing, or strategizing for the Race to Alaska. Robbie is from Minford, Ohio a small town 90 miles south of Columbus Ohio. He still lives near there with his wife Kitty and 2 of their 6 kids. He is a PADI Scuba instructor, with a long list of advanced and technical diving certifications.  He is also a pilot with flight time in several different types of aircraft.  When he was younger, he was a rock climber and he even taught high angle rope rescue.  A former member of the United States Army Robbie likes to “do things”.  His current thing is the R2AK 2020.  Robbie and his wife Kitty plan to retire to their 42’ Yawl named “Re-embark” and embark on 7-year journey.  aph here.