Kitty Stone Bio

Regardless of anything you read, Kitty is the real captain of Team Buckeye.  She happens to be married to the guy whom she lets believe is the captain.  If you look closely at Robbie's sailing excursions over the past 8 years you will see Kitty is in many of them.  While most of her sailing has been with Robbie don’t think for a minute she has been just a passenger.  Kitty’s competitive nature is second only to her brother JT. Like JT, she is also a natural helms woman.  Robbie admitted years ago that they win more races when she steers. Kitty is a former gymnast who even now can flip, jump, twist, and somehow land on her feet.   She often uses her gymnastic balance to scale the mast. There is even a rumor floating around of her upsetting the local liveaboard women by going up the mast to repair a light. Apparently, some of the other women feared that they might be expected to do the same thing. That’s just a rumor though. Kitty is also no stranger to sailing she and Robbie raced their Morgan 25 for two seasons together, many times with just the two of them on board.  She has sailed off the coast of North Carolina in the family’s 41’ Yawl, across the Chesapeake Bay in an O’Day 25, she was even once seen sailing with Robbie in the Ohio River. While she did not participate in the R2AK2018 she was at the start line, both in Port Townsend, and in Victoria, and with four of their 6 children. She managed to get that clan 2515 miles from Ohio to Port Townsend and 2515 miles back.  Even Robbie acknowledges that that may be a feat harder than the race.

Kitty was born in Honduras to missionary parents and grew up in Washington Courthouse, Ohio. She now lives in Lucasville Ohio with her husband Robbie and the two youngest children that are still in school.  Big surprise Kitty is also a SCUBA diver, completing her open water checkout dives in the Cayman Islands.  She enjoys being a mom, sailing, traveling, and camping.