J.T. Hawk Bio

Co-Captain JT Hawk also likes to “do things”, also former military, JT enlisted after high school before obtaining his commission and ending his career as a military officer. JT is also a private pilot and he too is a scuba diver. JT is on the same mission as Robbie. He wants to finish this race. He also is not accustomed to falling short of his goals. JT’s desire to stand on the dock in Ketchikan and ring the bell is every bit as strong as Robbie’s is.  If you think you see the similarities between JT and Robbie, it’s because you do, it’s apparent that they are cut from the same cloth. Yes, they happen to be brothers-in-law, but they both put a strong emphasis on their friendship. Don’t be fooled into believing that they are exactly alike.  JT is easily the most competitive person on the team.  That competitive nature got the duo through Seymour Narrows nearly 12 hours early and ahead of the tide, they were supposed to take.  JT has an incredible ability to concentrate, an ability that pays dividends when he has the tiller in his hand.  JT is also the team logistics guy, with his retired status he moves the boat from place to place and makes sure the team knows where to go and when to be there.

JT Was born in Honduras to missionary parents and he is the number two of five children. He grew up in Ohio, but he currently lives in Clinton, MS with his wife of 27 years Mitzi Hawk and his 15-year-old daughter, Summer. He retired from the US Air Force in 2013 as a Captain with 24 years of active duty service.  Obviously “retired” is a term that is used to describe his legal status with the United States Air Force and has nothing to do with sitting on the couch. JT fly’s volunteer missions for the US Air Force Civil Air Patrol and works part-time in the pro-shop at Live Oaks Golf Club. JT enjoys a multitude of outdoor activities to include sailboat racing, water skiing, snow skiing, golf, camping, scuba diving, corn hole tournaments, and extensive travel throughout the US, Mexico, Canada, Caribbean, and Honduras.