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Robbie's Bio

​​Robbie Stone has over 20 years’ experience in the Ambulance industry with an emphasis on operations, dispatch centers, billing and Information Technology.  He believes his career is really about: “business growth by leveraging only the right solution at the right cost.”  Robbie has worked with over 60 ambulance companies across the nation and has designed and built a dozen 911 and air ambulance dispatch centers.  He has  managed billing offices and refined process, lowered DSO, while increasing collections. With over nineteen IT certifications to his credit, combined with his passionate personality, it’s no surprise that Robbie has spent time teaching as an adjunct professor and has filled many public speaking engagements.  Robbie has a great deal of experience turning around struggling companies by combining technology and business practices. Robbie has worked for such notable employers as Emerson Electric, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and over the last decade as the CIO for  large multi-state Ambulance companies. Robbie has attended the University of Indiana, and Southern Indiana University where he studied communications and business. Robbie continues to work on an MBA at Kaplan University. Currently Robbie runs an IT consulting firm called  Where he and three other engineers specialize in the needs of Ambulance services, Police, Fire, and non-profit organizations. Robbie can be reached at:

Rob Stone