This site is less about me and more about the things I have a passion for.  I purchased when the ".me"  domains first came out.  Changing my email to the domain was solely about simplifying my personal email and making sure my email address never had to change again.  I really thought the dot me domains would catch on; they never really did.  I keep mine mostly because at the end of the day I describe myself as “a realistic pragmatist who gives ideology a long leash.”  So while it might not have caught on, it works for me.  On to the things I am passionate about.

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Scuba Diving

For information about the professional me, my career or my consulting work click here.

From cruising to racing, from sixteen footers to sixty footers, if it has a sail and goes on water I am all in.   

I am a PADI Scuba Instructor with many specialties including full Cave diver certification and mixed gas diving from ANDI. Click here to learn more

CURRENT HOME: Between Lucasville, Oh and Toms River, NJ
POSITION: VP of Revenue Cycle Management and Information Technology -Alert Ambulance a Hackensack Meridian Health Partner Company
Qoute : "There is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats." Kenneth Grahame - The Wind and the WIllows

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